R10 Plastic Lightweight Ceiling Rose – 24in / 60cm

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This lightweight ceiling rose is just one of our range made from high-density polyurethane resin (not polystyrene).

  • Can be fitted using adhesive only and look as good as traditional plaster centres without the expense or difficulties of fitting.
  • All ceiling roses have a beautiful finish with crisp, sharp detail that is ready to paint and easy to fix.
  • Pre-primed with a smooth white base layer ready for painting with your preferred finish.
  • Water and humidity resistant which makes them suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Dimensions: 24in / 60cm

For best results, we would recommend that you choose a ceiling rose that is wider than your light fitting to obtain a stunning result. For example, chandeliers look superb with a large ceiling rose. We recommend Ready Mixed Adhesive to install this product.

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Drill or cut a hole in the centre of the ceiling rose to take the electrical cable, apply our decor grip adhesive to the backside of the product.

Press firmly onto the ceiling removing any excess adhesive from around the edges, fill round the edge of the ceiling rose with our tubes of caulk.

Allow adhesive to set before fixing your light pendant.

For fixing your ceiling rose we recommend Decorgrip Ready Mixed Adhesive

Tools & adhesives

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