SX118 Plastic Lightweight Skirting Board – 2m

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This classic skirting board is part of the CONTOUR family. To create a consistent look for the entire dwelling, we provide the same design in various sizes.

Measure approximately 2.0 metres.

Dimensions: Height 13.8cm x Width 1.8cm

We recommend Decor Grip to install this product.


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Measure length 1 from the external edge of the architrave to the inside corner of the room. Transfer this measurement onto a length of skirting board and mark accurately with a pencil. Cut the skirting board to length using square cuts with the aid of a fine-toothed saw and saw block. Position the skirting board to check length.

Lay the skirting board on its face and apply an adhesive down each adhesive channel. Place the skirting board in position pushing firmly back to the wall.

Measure length 2 from the flat face of the skirting board to the inside corner of the room. Cut to length using square cuts.

Fill all joints and also the top edge of the skirting board.

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