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Lancaster Plaster Cornice Coving – 3m

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This plain swans neck plaster cornice is very popular for both new build and period properties

Simple concave design with moulded profiles along the top and bottom

Curved cornice suitable for ceiling heights up to 3m (10ft)

Measures approximately 3 metres

Projection – wall 16.5cm x ceiling 18cm

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It is recommended that before fitting, to cover the back of the plaster moulding or cornice with one coat of PVA sealant, available from your local DIY store or builder’s merchant. Additionally, PVA the area of wall or ceiling the moulding is to be attached to.

  • You should always fix coving straight and level as you can fill any gaps in afterwards. When drawing your fitting line, make sure that it is perfectly horizontal, rather than rising and falling with any unevenness in the ceiling
  • If you are cutting your own mitre joints, it’s a good idea to practice cutting both an internal and an external join on an offcut of coving, to avoid mistakes later. Bear in mind that for an internal corner, the wall edge of the coving is longer than the ceiling edge. For an external corner, the ceiling edge is longer than the wall edge

Place the coving into the mitre box with the wall edge at the top of the box.

Use a fine-toothed panel saw to make 45-degree mitre cuts at each end

To fit the coving, start by hold the cut piece in position to check it is a good fit, then remove your piece of coving and apply adhesive.

Align the coving with the lines on the wall and ceiling, then work your way along, carefully pressing it into position. It’s a good idea to lightly hammer panel pins into the wall to hold the coving in place, whilst the adhesive sets.

Fill any remaining gaps between adjoining pieces of coving, or between the coving and the wall or ceiling, by squeezing in a little extra filler. Sand all joints before applying any paint.

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